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3 Steps for Meeting Planners To Maintain Leverage With Hotels

by Clarity Experiences, on Apr 12, 2016


Meeting planners can quickly lose their leverage based on how they approach the bidding process in regards to audio visual services (AV). Here are 3 steps to help you maintain leverage with hotels.

Team up with your AV team to negotiate rates for exclusive services


Exclusive services such as rigging, high speed internet, and power distribution can often make up 15% - 20% of the overall production costs for an event. Engaging the hotel’s in-house AV department at the right time in the process can help your bottom line and improve how you and your company are treated throughout the process. Your production company can then adapt their approach to the event based on how flexible the in-house provider is being in regards to exclusive services. We have saved clients an average of 50% on hotel exclusives when we are invited to help negotiate power, rigging, and high-speed internet.

Ask the hotel to remove language limiting you from bringing your own AV provider


Before signing a contract with the hotel, require the hotel to agree to allow you to bring in your own production company without incurring additional charges. Request that on site AV needs and all rates for exclusive services will be provided at a 25% discount off of published rates. (If you are unsure of what charges are included in your hotel contract, consult your AV production company.) If you don't have a production team to help you with this reach out to us, we're happy to help.

Select your AV production company first


It is a natural reaction for the in-house AV provider to be upset when they lose business and as a result, will often take punitive measures in regards to charging for exclusive services. Do not include the in house AV provider in the first round of your bidding process. The production company that you select will be in stronger position to negotiate the terms for the exclusive services if the in-house provider is not competing during the initial bid. You can always engage the in-house AV company later in the process to get a quote without repercussions.

Now that you have read these 3 steps, you are in a better position to negotiate rates with hotels.

Production companies can be a benefit for events of all sizes, your event is never too small to consider using an outside AV production company. Do you have a production company to help you negotiate your AV rates? Clarity has experts who work with hotels to negotiate your production needs.

Save on exclusives, and put that money back towards your event experience

Let us help you maintain your leverage with the hotels and put that money back into things that add value to your event and attendee experience.

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