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Confident Presenters | 3 Mistakes Made with Confidence Monitors

by Conner Fernow, on Nov 07, 2016

A great speaker doesn't just speak, they engage. Providing an engaging experience for the audience is their purpose. A speaker's body language engages an audience through facing forward and maintaining eye contact, and a confidence monitor helps this. A confidence monitor takes everything your speaker may need and puts it in one place in front of them, which allows your speaker to face forward and focus on your audience and their experience. Without further adieu here are 3 mistakes made with confidence monitors.

Giant and Confidence Monitor | Clarity ExperiencesMistake #1: Confidence Monitor is Too Small

If the monitor(s) you are using is too small, your presenters will have a hard time reading their own content. If your presenters are not able to see their content, their natural reaction will be to look behind them to see what is on the screen. So make sure your order a confidence monitor is the right size. If you are unsure what the right size is, send us an email for confidence monitor size recommendations Click Here.

Hide and Seek | Clarity ExperiencesMistake #2: Confidence Monitor is Hiding from Your Speaker

Placement is important. The placement of your monitor can be the difference maker. For your confidence monitor to be effective 3 things need to be true:

  1. The speaker can easily see the confidence monitor(s) from the podium or stage. (The confidence monitor is not too close to the stage or too far back in the audience)
  2. The monitor is close enough for the speaker to read their content easily. (note: this can also be helped by monitor size)
  3. The monitor is angled so the presenter can read the content without distracting the audience.


Elephant in the room | Clarity ExperiencesMistake #3: Confidence Monitor Becomes the Elephant in the Room

A confidence monitor is a great tool for helping presenters focus on your audience and less on if their presentation is on the right slide. While it is a great tool for supporting your presenters, it's important that your monitor doesn't become a distraction to the audience. Keep the confidence monitor hidden by placing it on or in front of the stage, and out of the way.  Make sure the back of the confidence monitor, which will be facing the audience, is covered up with black material so that it blends in with the environment.


When all is said and done, it comes down to the experience you are providing your attendees. Supporting your speaker helps them to focus on your attendees and gives them the confidence to deliver their message. Check out the following video to see how presenters feel when they are well supported.


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