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Show Flow | 3 Things You Need to Know

by Clarity Experiences, on Feb 28, 2018

Show Flow | 3 Things You Need To Know - Clarity Experiences

Do your events feel like a boring meeting or like a Hollywood production? 

Let’s face it, there is a difference between a meeting and a production. We get it! A meeting is straight-forward and more informal.   A production makes an impact with your audience and has many moving parts, transitions, and visual effects.  How do you know if your event is a meeting or if it should be a production?  Or maybe a little of both.

One of the ways to ensure your event has the impact you want is to develop a show flow.

Why should I have a show flow?

  • To deliver the message and intent of the meeting with energy, enthusiasm, and impact
  • To set ensure your AV team and presenters are aligned and have the skill to execute
  • To create a memorable and successful event

A show flow might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to your event, and as a meeting planner or key executive, it is something that can make you look like a hero.  Often times a meeting will kick off without a plan in place, which can lead to a variety of missteps and embarrassing problems.  This occurs when you have a large audience that notices every time the lights change, or microphone isn’t on.  Often times these issues are easily addressed with a well-developed show flow.

Take for instance what could be involved in one video cue:

Video is announced, lights go down, ‘roll video’ announced through headsets, stage lighting dimmed, audio at an impactful level, mute the microphone, cut to video and go. Then do that in reverse. It’s not that it’s very hard to do these things, but rather the show flow keeps everyone dialed in.

These things may or may not happen and will most certainly give the impression of a good quality production… or not. The show flow makes a significant difference in the way your attendees view your event.

The 3 Things You Need to Know About Show Flow:

  1. Be as detailed as possible (the more detail the better)
  2. Communicate more than cues. Include feeling, atmosphere, and all that you envision in your show flow
  3. You don’t need to be the expert.  Leverage your AV team for ideas and to help build out the show flow for your event.

The more detailed your show flow is, the better your team will be able to execute your vision. Communicating more than the cues will allow your team to create an atmosphere and moment that lives up to your expectations. The cues are a to-do list for the event to be executed and the descriptive pieces give your team a view of the moment and can align the lighting, content, and transitions to support that moment. Leveraging your AV team will allow you to understand what the equipment and technicians are capable of, and will allow you to capitalize on your AV experience. You can also leverage your AV team to create the show flow for you!

Your next meeting can feel like a production to your attendees with a basic show flow.

So get together with your team and talk about how you want your event to feel and then engage with Clarity Experiences to help you build your show flow. 

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