Event Science: Lesson 1

Posted by John Fischbeck on Apr 19, 2016

Event Planners,


Event Science Lesson of the day...

"Identity theory suggests that event attendees define themselves by attending events that carry symbolic significance."

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3 Steps for Meeting Planners To Maintain Leverage With Hotels

Posted by Clarity Experiences on Apr 12, 2016

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Are You Still Using In-House AV (Audiovisual)?

Posted by Clarity Experiences on Mar 28, 2016

 There is a time and purpose for everything, and the same principle applies in the events industry. With each event being unique, we find events need tailored solutions. This causes event planners to go searching for vendors to provide the custom solutions their event needs.

In an attempt to provide a convenient one stop shop, hotels and other event venues have created event packages to handle all your event needs from AV to seating to food options. If convenience is of utmost importance to you, the hotel's package can be convenient, but they may not be able to offer you the same level of expertise, especially in the area of AV.

Using the in-house AV company can be convenient, but is the service and outcome worth what you are paying? What venues don’t tell you about using their in-house AV team is

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Top 5 ways to avoid a CLM as an Event Planner in managing Event Production

Posted by John Fischbeck on Mar 02, 2016

Top 5 ways to avoid a CLM as an Event Planner in managing event production

Its a catchy title but its brutally true.  If the event comes off without a hitch all is good!  If it doesn't? Not so much.  There is a reason the career path of the Event Coordinator was voted 5th most stressful jobs in America  by Business News Daily for 2015.  

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