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On Demand Session: Panel - Securing the Long Now: Digital Right to Repair and the Internet of Things

Panel - Securing the Long Now: Digital Right to Repair and the Internet of Things - Paul Roberts

Join the ioXt Alliance for our Hardware Hacking Virtual Conference. Our special keynote speaker is Bruce Schneier, internationally renowned security technologist and author. You’ll learn from industry specialists the most effective ways to secure your device against hardware hackers, script kids and botnet infections.

Virtual Panel


Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts is a seasoned reporter, editor and media entrepreneur with more than 17 years' experience covering the information technology security space. He is the founder of The Security Ledger. an independent security news website that explores the intersection of cyber security with business, commerce, politics and everyday life. He is also the founder of The Security of Things Forum and of SecuRepairs, an organization of information security professionals who support a digital right to repair. Paul has appeared on NPR’s Marketplace Tech Report, KPCC AirTalk, Fox News Tech Take, Al Jazeera and The Oprah Show.


Nathan Proctor

Nathan leads U.S. PIRG’s Right to Repair campaign, working to pass legislation that will prevent companies from blocking consumers’ ability to fix their own electronics. In 2009, while working with the network’s Digital Team, he mobilized so many people to deliver online comments to then-California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in opposition to cuts to the state parks budget that they crashed the governor’s email servers. Nathan lives in Arlington, Mass., with his wife and two children.


Kyle Wiens

Kyle Wiens is the cofounder and CEO of iFixit, an online repair community and parts retailer internationally renowned for its open source repair manuals and product teardowns. Launched out of his Cal Poly San Luis Obispo dorm room in 2003, iFixit has now empowered upwards of 15 million people to repair their broken stuff.